Some photos of Cardington Village


Taken on the afternoon of 25th May 2006

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Approaching Cardington from the south. Looking west. The churchyard is behind the wall on the left.
With the church behind me, looking north west. At the end of this lane is the Old Vicarage. The Old Vicarage
The other side of the Old Vicarage looking back towards the village. Another view of the Old Vicarage.
From the same spot as the previous two photographs looking away from Cardington towards Caer Caradac. The view from the Old Vicarage gate.
From the top of the lane looking back towards the churchyard. From inside the churchyard looking up the lane.
The west end of St James Church. St James Church from the south.
A few yards to the right of the previous photograph with the church on my left. The houses on the left in the previous photo with the Royal Oak pub at the bottom of the hill.
Another view of the houses. The church is behind these houses. The east end of St James church.

The lane to the right of the previous photograph with the churchyard on the left. The Royal Oak. Well worth a visit!