Letter from Frederick Channer Corfield to Thomas Corfield

Please excuse stationary. I write in a colliery office with a number of men waiting to see me. Many thanks for your invitation. I should like to go to Swansea very much some time in the summer. F.C.C.

Butterley Park

January 2nd 1874

My Dear Cousin,
Many thanks for the copy of the monument to our "Great Great Aunt" I am delighted to have at last found out something about Susannah Willimott (spelt by us Wilmot) and I have already written to Revd W. Bailey, the Rector of Axminster, Devon to send the register of the birth of S.W. and I have asked him if there are other monuments to the Willimots in the church - With a little trouble and expense I hope to find the Pedigree of the family and should I do so you shall have a copy. They are dreadfully expensive fellows at the College of Arms London and charge no end - You would hardly believe what the Corfield pedigree cost me. There is not the slightest doubt that we are the Chatwall Corfields and that Rd C came from Shrewsbury where his baptismal certificate is to be seen. I have more than 50 registers of deaths, births and marriages of our family, some date 300 years old.
The Russells, Earls of Bedford are no way related to the Rs of Euchmarch Co. Salop. Edwd Russell see pedigrees was descended from an ancient Gloucestershire family. There are 7 distinct areas registered to the Russells.
Name in heraldry does not prove much - The reason that we do not use the three hearts as the paternal shield is that Wm C of Shrewsbury (our ancestor) had registered to him the coat shown in all heraldic books (Barks Armory) etc. etc. viz. "Ermine on a pale azure, a lion rampant or" therefore we place the ancient coat 2nd on the shield.
What I told you re S. Willimott in my last letter was of course all hearsay and it does seem it was pretty correct, minus the county which was always to one doubtful - I find Daniel W was Lieut in 1793.
John Corfield no doubt means his Great Uncle and Aunt who ever they were and not D.W. his own uncle.
Thanks for the corrected date as to the death of John. I am right about the death of my Grandfather, see gravestone and information from any of his children.
Please do not be disappointed when I say that we are not related to either the Earls of Bedford of Charlmont. There are many gentlemen without little, that in point of family, rank far above a lord. Direct descent, position of land, stands highest from a Herald's point of view.
F. Beresford Wright of Aldercar Hall, Sir W. Fitzherbert of Tissington Hall Bart and myself are (when we have time) working at and  rearranging the Pedigrees of the Fitzherbert, Beresford and Meynell of Meynell Langley, all in this county - but of late I have had very little time for all this sort of thing.
I will write again when I have anything on the Willimotts to report
with best wishes for the New Year
yours sincerely
F. Channer Corfield

Taken from a monument erected in Axminster Church, Devon.


Sacred to the remains
of Mary
The beloved wife of David Willmott Esq. late Captain in
his Majesty's Navy whose amiable and elegant person
by her good understanding and judgement
in the Bloom of Life
the delight of her friends
and the Felicity of her Husband
It pleased the Almighty to remove her from this life to a better
on the 23rd July 1797
at the early age of 23 years.
As a testimony of the most sincere affection
her affected Husband
deputed his affectionate Sisters
Mary Henderson and Eunice Willmott
to erect this monument to her Memory
whilst he
jealous of the Public weal
in nine engagements was wounded eight times
on the Eighth of April 1799
was killed by a rifleman
at the glorious siege of Acre
in the 35 year of his age
having established his character as a brave Officer
and Just Man

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